Special Experiences program

Encounter authentic traditional Japanese aesthetics

Special workshop

“Tourist” attractions not enough for you? Then this is definitely for you!

If you're traveling to Japan, why not experience something truly worthwhile?

Noh and Photo shoot

This private workshop was started by Noh performers who perform globally, to have travelers to Japan experience authentic Japanese traditional performing arts. A truly precious and unique workshop that can only be found here. 

※Professional photo shoot included.


Japanese dance

This workshop was established to have foreign visitors experience the true beauty of Classical Japanese Dance, which expresses sophisticated gestures and emotions even down to the dancers’ fingertips.

traditional costume

There are various styles of kimono. "Oiran" "Geisha" "Bride" Let's take wonderful pictures with your favorite gorgeous costumes! Hair makeup is also specially finished and a photo is taken. Welcome to the world of Japonisme.

unique experience

Boat cruise and fishing

Enjoy Tokyo Bay all to yourself! A boat ride that Samurais loved. Charter a whole boat!

Sightseeing while you dine. Fishing in Tokyo Bay. Either way, these boat rides can be enjoyed as a private cruise.

Let the seasoned boatsman and their knowledge of Tokyo Bay and the Sumida River, take you on a special cruise. Charter a “yakatabune” (traditional houseboat) or a fishing boat and choose a course that best suits your taste, whether it's downtown Tokyo, Tokyo Bay, or the popular Kawasaki factory district lit up at night!



Let's try Japanese cuisine!

Don't you want to make authentic Japanese food when you come to Japan? After enjoying the historic cityscape, let's create some simple and delicious Japanese dishes together. You can also sample sake in our stylish studio. This tour is led by a knowledgeable guide, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Presented by Travel Design Lab and Kawaii Bottega."

Sake brewery tour

Visit a sake brewery located at the fringes of Tokyo, rich in nature, and experience sake-tasting. Local attractions include a museum sometimes visited by Japanese serow, a protected species, and a restaurant serving delicious Japanese cuisine.

Or visit an ordinary Japanese home and experience Japanese cooking or a authentic tea ceremony.

We also have special plans for small groups.

For special occasions

Exchange your own hand ring with your partner.

Choose from 14K or SV925. You can also choose the design. It is advisable to stop by during a sightseeing tour to make these rings.

Make your special occasion a wonderful memory with the ring you made.

It would be nice to give each other the ring at dinner that day.

We can also arrange the restaurant that is right for you.