Cancellations and Refunds


 If you are unable to join the tour, the following cancellation fees will apply:


cancellation charge


a) If the tour is canceled at least 7 days before the tour start date --- -50% of the price


b) If the tour is canceled at least 2 days before the tour start date--80% of the price.


c) If the tour is canceled on the day of the tour, or if the traveler does not join the tour without contact --- 100% of the price


☆ Note: The deadline for cancellation is 18:00 Japan time.

After that, it will be treated the next day.



Refund: After deducting the above cancellation fee, we will basically refund by the method you paid. The customer is responsible for the refund fee.

☆ Note: No refunds will be given for pre-booked or arranged show tickets, admission fees, boarding tickets, and other requested reservations.


Bus and train tickets that have already been booked may not be refundable.


In addition, the cancellation policy may change depending on the tour. Please contact us if you have any questions.



All of our tours are private tours and can be customized based on your requests. As a general rule, the tours use public transportation. There is no compensation for any sudden accidents or theft during the tour, except for those caused by our negligence.


*Attendants will give full consideration to traffic and weather conditions, but will not be responsible for unintentional events.

Travel Design Lab Ltd. will not respond to requests from customers that violate Japanese laws, traffic regulations, or public rules. For the same reason, we will not be responsible for any accidents caused by anti-social acts.


*We strongly recommend that you take out your own travel insurance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.